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Created 2013-08-14
Owner 我心3c恒
Title Love hit a graders provoke classmate 27 parents fo
Description ' attitude is so strong is because the class out of a "bully", not only is noisy, but also mischievous, even beating. 27 people leave en masse is a result of last Friday's with "violence" Wuyi Experimental Primary School Grade 7 class originally had 44 students,hogan outlet, as nearly 30 students yesterday did not come to class, the classroom is very quiet. In that letter the parents joint written request for leave,toms shoes, the reporter found that parents decided to leave, is the class one love beating the boys. On Friday, the "bully" in the classroom Youxian tables and splash,gucci, the same class of children frightened. A name is Pan's mother told reporters describe some of the details. She said that last Friday the class made a small prize to the children,hogan, the boys did not sent to. "Noon meal, he took the class tables are ripped off and brought to the front of the neck, two students came up with blood." Said Ms. Pan, the boy still beverage bottle filling with water,mulberry, and put some of my classmates school bags, clothes and hair wet. "My child was wet, but also cold." Similar incident happened many times, and he would have children because he injured stitches Yesterday, the "accident" of the boys did not come to school,mulberry outlet, so the reporter did not see him But see, class,hollister, many children are afraid of him. According to a description of the girls, the boys than the other students high strength is also large, sitting in the last row. "He will go on the ground when the class throw pencils or erasers,louboutin pas cher, until we all see him, stopped the hand." Noisy but love, the boys usually also likes to tease people, even beating. Some parents reflect the grade of the first semester, there are four or five children were wounded, and some also sew several stitches. "At the time that he was young and naive, and waited for half a semester, but more serious." Parents say, where the class teacher Pan has been confirmed. "People do not play with him,gucci outlet, he would hold each other's leg or hit anyone." Pan told reporters, the school and the parents of the boys also communicated,louboutin, but the effect is not obvious. Pan said the teacher,toms outlet, like beating things and mischief has happened before several times, but not that serious as Friday. Thus, parents yesterday,louboutin, took leave of absence for the kids collectively. (Original title: 27 parents for the children leave the joint)

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