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Category Cars
Created 2014-02-18
Owner ifo5b2yed
Title Old school boy with a knife robbed masked Pleasant
Description 'an, a 13-year-old high school student named Ma,, Shimou, Zhou three, on the way home from school age school students,hollister france,, was 5 knife stick boy beaten peers,hollister online shop, and they rode three bikes away, the economic loss of about $ 3,000. Later,hollister, named Ma and the others accompanied by parents LianHu Xi'an Public Security Bureau police to Taoyuan police station. According to the students speak,air jordan pas cher, the other is their peers,doudoune moncler, one wearing a mask. Until December 2, near another spate of similar cases everywhere,hollister,, a great impact on the students and their parents. After a lot of investigation Mo Pai, the police eventually determined that 13-year-old Xiaodong (a pseudonym), 15-year-old Osamu (a pseudonym) is suspect. They were once the high school students drop out in the second half of this year. On September 15, police arrested the Osamu, and according to his account, a cafe in Tumen, the Internet is a small male (18 years old, a pseudonym), Xiaodong,woolrich,, Xiao Yao (12 years old, a pseudonym),hogan outlet, Jill (15 years old, a pseudonym),mulberry outlet, Xiao Ming (14 years old, a pseudonym), five people arrested. These six people stick a knife robbery gang thing students confessed. "Parents do business, I do not have time" after trial, six suspects were single-parent families and children of migrant workers, weariness at school,abercrombie pas cher, at home treason. So have dropped out of school, gathered in the cafe, when the money is finished,, before they hit it off instantly grab their own classmates. The gang robbed cash in addition to more than 1,000 yuan, will be sold as cheap grab a bike by hand "control account"; their place overnight Internet cafes,, hostels, impending demolition waste building. When 15-year-old was arrested Osamu, Internet cafes are not read before watching the cartoon "Pleasant Goat and the Wolf." He said parents do business,, do not have time to take care of him. Currently, 15 suspects accountable cases, only found five cases of victims, as well as 10 cases because victims fear yet,hollister, the police hope to victims and their families as quickly as possible to the public security organs of the suspects identified. Phone: ,029 -84,hollister outlet,265,,495; Contact: Zhang police officers, to pay police officers. Newspaper reporter Yang Xiaogang

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